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Utilising Digital Media in Education

As a specialist in implementing mobile learning technology, Abdul has supported and optimised strategy, educational processes and overall visions for governments, schools and businesses. Abdul improves educational outcomes within these industries by providing his expertise in digital learning, strategy design and by offering one-on-one workshops.



Abdul has been a teacher for around 20 years and is co-founder of The Free School in Bolton, UK. He was the former Principal and CEO of Multi Academy Trust, based in the UK. Known for his pioneering work on mobile-based learning, Abdul has worked with a number of international educational organisations as well as devising learning strategies based on mobile technology platforms. 

In addition to these roles, he is also the Director of Think Simple Ltd, a thought-leadership organisation that provides support to schools and Ministries of Education, in terms of vision, strategy, and digital implementation. 

Programmes & Workshops

His programmes focus on the idea of changing beliefs through simplicity and reliability. Abdul’s positive impact has extended beyond the traditional school environment to even improve families and the wider communities that schools serve. 

So, whether you have already started your journey to digitising education, or you are looking to further develop vision and strategy, Think Simple can help you to progress within your institution.

Strategy Design & Consultation Services

Through Think Simple Ltd, Abdul provides strategy consultation services for leadership teams across the globe. He ensures that a successful learning programme with digital technology implemented is achieved. The impact of this digital system on leadership and organisation has led the way in its development of learning technologies.

Abdul uses a 1:1 family iPad programme and Apple TVs as a learning solution that allows the use of modern leaning resources and streamlined productivity in an educational setting that’s accessible from any location.

Abdul endorses the use of digital technology in education, equipping staff and students with tablet devices that come with a range of benefits including cost efficiency, expanding data and knowledge access. It also allows for a radical change in how we approach working. Using technology creates more flexible areas to work, maximising the capability of new technology and minimising the need for a fixed working location.

Experience You Can Trust

Abdul has worked with Ministries of Education from India, Australia, Singapore and Iceland. His work includes workshops and thought leadership talks, encouraging educational institutes to utilise digital technology. Abdul currently supports schools across the UK, Sweden and India with the development of a clear mobile-based leaning strategy.

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